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Art Out Of suitcases-in the footsteps of persecuted artists

Let s go: All participants are invited to pack their suitcases with the art that they have always wanted to practice:
Art, literature, theater, film / video and music!
On the basis of selected persecuted artists to understand their work in adverse circumstances ,we want to revive the theme of art on the run, from exile, out of suitcases in various masterclasses with our own artistic contributions!
Final presentation of all results as a film documentary at the Filmfestival Ka 2019!
(Германия. Маркус Ниден | Точки соприкосновения- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D2pX1G86oI)

Project partners:

Filmboard Karlsruhe ,e.v. (Germany)

Lunik (France)

Krakowskie Forum Kultury (Poland)

Art Most Dnipro (Ukraine)

Budget: 8 830,00 €

(Image source: Markus Nieden)

Show the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ziG4aeAYU4

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European youth orchestra

For 10 days, 180 young French, German and Austrian musicians will have the opportunity to live together an enriching experience. Members of the Besançon, Freiburg and Graz youth orchestras, they will meet together to get acquainted, discover the cities of their companions and practise the music together. The stay will be punctuated by a concert gathering all 180 musicians in every city.

Project partners:

Orchestre Victor Hugo Franche-Comté (France)

Freiburger Jugendphilharmonie (Germany)

Johann-Joseph-Fux-Konservatorium des Landes Steiermark in Graz (Austria)

Budget: 35 244,00 €

(Image source: © OVHFC-Chloé Stiefvater)

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European Movie Sound Kitchen in Karlsruhe where young filmmakers and composers create

Music is a central element of every movie. It strengthens the emotional impact of its action and its uniqueness.

Our project sensitises young film talents to original music compositions. At the Independent Days | International Film Festival Karlsruhe 2019, we are awarding for the first time the Film Composers Award.

Film composition students and filmmakers from France, Germany, Denmark and Spain are invited to participate in the festival jury and to develop new film ideas during a workshop.

Project partners:

Filmboard Karlsruhe e. V. (Germany)


Berklee College of Music - Valencia Campus (Spain)

Danish National Academy of Music (Denmark)

Budget: 9 475,00 €

(Image source: Filmboard Karlsruhe / MAI)

Show the video: https://youtu.be/YiQsWHmUoxc

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„Boundless? The borders in our Europe“

The project aims to enable young people from France, Romania and Germany to define their visions of Europe and its borders. We have to move away from the sole geopolitical vision to focus on the vision of citizen identity that the young people have from Europe. As EU-citizens, they should have the opportunity to express what matters to them in Europe and what works and what does not within the frame of citizen participation.

Project partners:

Arbeit und Leben DGB/VHS NRW e.V. (Germany)

Association Relais d'Ouverture et d'Echanges Culturels et Linguistique (Roudel) (France)

Colegiul Pedagogic Andrei Saguna (Romania)

Budget: 22 610,00 €

(Image source: Fenna Godhoff, AuL NRW)

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Moving Europe together

What about our Europe in times of Brexit, Euro-skepticism, national political developments and others thems ? With discussions, public presentations and a great joint bike tour from May 22-26, 2019, we want to show citizens from France, Austria, Italy and Germany to the new federal states and convince them of the importance of Europe and its values, as they are in the Elysée Treaty are anchored for us all - Europe experienced together.

Project partners:

EuropaRad Roßdorf (Germany)

Association Sportive Billysienne Cyclotourisme (France)

EuropaRad Vösendorf (Austria)

Budget: 7 200,00 €

(Image source: Bernd Schäfer, EuropaRad Roßdorf )

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Experiencing Europe.Getting to know each other working in Art and Culture

We would like to invite young people(16.21) form our twin towns to a meeting with artistic und cultural activities.Young people and their families form Hildesheim will host the participants and join them in carrying out the programme which include a mural, a radio broadcast and lots of other activities.Youth ambassadors from the twin cities will be sougth so that they can plan and publish further programmes together.

Project partners:

Volkshochschule Hildesheim gGmbH (Germany)

Comité des Jumelages Angoulême - Villes `étrangères (France)

YMCA Weston-super-Mare (United Kingdom)

Budget: 10 800,00 €

(Image source: Burckhard Aickele )

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The city of Saint-Vallier entrusted the Twinning Committee with the organization of the European Popular Meeting Days. They are intended for all French and foreign public. This project will mobilize young people in Europe and create friendly French, Polish, German and Italian relations. It will consolidate the European identity between different peoples.

Project partners:

Comité de Jumelage de Saint-Vallier (France)

Förderverein Wallerfangen Saint-Vallier (Germany)

Comune di Umbertide (Italy)

Rybnik Miasto na Prawach Powiatu (Poland)

Budget: 42 100,00 €

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Tell me about your story

UTC promotes youth mobility by letting them discover new cultures through meeting with other youngsters.«Tell me about your story»has started in 2018 and will end in April 2019. It will bring together French, German and Greek secondary school students around a project that makes young people discover several cultures and countries in an artistic way. The last phase will be an opportunity for the participants to share their experiences about the previous exchanges that took place in Thessaloniki.

Project partners:

Une Terre Culturelle (France)

Centre Francais de Berlin gGmbH (France)

ACC Navarchos Votsis (Greece)

Budget: 23 476,00 €

(Image source: Une terre culturelle)

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Amilly Rallys Europe, sports rally of 1000 km on the steps of Leonardo di Vinci

Our project aims to realize a sports European rally in partnership with the twinning committee from Nordwalde (Germany) & Calcinaia (Italy). Alternating race & bike, sportsmen (and women?) would relay 22h/24h to reach Vinci towards Calcinaia to Amilly. Arriving Saturday the 6th of July 2019, the date would highly mark the inauguration of the 15th Feast of Europe which Guest Country of honor 2019 is… This human adventure is lived as an experience of overtaking ourselves serving citizenship & Eur

Project partners:




Budget: 36 480,00 €

(Image source: https://imgur.com)

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Embedded in the 50th anniversary of the town twinning with Lunéville/France, the project "Homeland" addresses socially disadvantaged young people from our German and European sister cities. The individual sense of each participant of the place where she/he feels like home will be developed in art, theatre and culinary workshops, supplemented by supporting programs. The results will be presented to the public in the context of the town twinning weekend at the Christmas market.

Project partners:

Stadt Schwetzingen (Germany)

Stadt Lunéville (France)

Stadt Pápa (Hungary)

Stadt Spoleto (Italy)

Budget: 4 217,50 €

(Image source: Stadt Schwetzingen)

Show the video: https://www.facebook.com/StaedtepartnerschaftenderStadtSchwetzingen/videos/1377019992386459/

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Today’s youth – tomorrow’s Europe (Youth Encounter 2019)

In August 2019 about 30 young people from Bédarieux, Castiglione and Leutkirch will spend a week together in France. The different activities such as visits, sports and music facilitate getting to know the other participants. One is not forced to start a conversation with someone, it simply happens! The organisation is effectuated by the young people from the three countries themselves. They learn to take on responsibility and live the idea of a common Europe.

Project partners:

Partnerschaftsverein Leutkirch e.V. (Germany)

Comité de Jumelage de Bédarieux (France)

Associazione Gemellaggi (Italy)

Budget: 7 345,00 €

(Image source: Dieng)

Show the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx4m_SBezz0&feature=youtu.be

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Celebrating dialogue in a tiny house! A shepherd's hut tour as a creative answer to Brexit

Nowadays it is easy to focus attention on all things that separate us from each other. The idea of our tour is to shift attention to ways how to reconnect and come together as citizens of a Europe that is able to go beyond borders and separations. Brexit is for us the reason why we should head up to Scotland for the second part of our On Y Va shepherd's hut European tour. Scotland is not 'off our map', but more central than ever to the idea of an open Europe that defies withdrawal rhetoric.

Project partners:

Rev'othèque (France)

Deutsches Hirtenmuseum Hersbruck (Germany)

Lossiemouth-Hersbruck twin town association (United Kingdom)

Budget: 6 700,00 €

(Image source: revotheque.fr)

Show the video: https://vimeo.com/260573058

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Four national football tournament for Europe

We organising on international football tournament our European connections.
Engen (DE) Trilport (FR) Pannonhalma (HUN), Dolné Saliby (SK) or Muri (CH). Why football and why with “Old Boys”? Sport has a language of its own, and when the older generations teach our children have respect und diversity between countries works and has it can be a great learning experience. When parents don’t get involved, why would children get involved. We start with the fathers for a children on the future. Thanks

Project partners:

Förderverein Nachbarn in Europa e. V. Engen (Germany)

Union sportive football Trilport (France)

Pannonhalma Sportegyesület (Hungary)

Fußball Club Muri (Switzerland)

Budget: 10 400,00 €

(Image source: Lara Baumgärtel)

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Give & Take and the generous society

We build gift-shelves around Europa and beyond. Starting from four places we hope to involve more of them in our project. Let's face it: we, the people, are generous and gifts making and receiving is good for us! When we give we are strong and when we receive we are strengthened. We give rise to an international wandering group. Agreeing on the essentiality of being for each other we operate in different cities – at first Berlin, Etang, Enna, Poznan – and collectively create places for gifts.

Project partners:

Sprachcafe-Polnisch (Germany)

Fou de Fougerette (France)

Garage Arts Platform (Italy)

Givebox Poznan (Poland)

Budget: 14 940,00 €

(Image source: Antoanetta Marinov)

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Pupils organize a European meeting between people of restricted growth

Students of the the Emmy-Noether-Gymnasium are organizing a meeting between people of restricted growth from Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands, in order to do sports together. Inclusion plays a key role in this project. The pupils must gain an insight into the needs and everyday challenges of a person of restricted growth and are required to work closely together with the persons in question in order to make sure that every Little Person will be able to participate.

Project partners:

Emmy-Noether-Gymnasium (Germany)

Association des personnes de petite taille (France)

Belangenvereniging van Kleine Mensen (BVKM) (Netherlands)

Asociaciòn Nacional para Problemas de Crecimiento (Spain)

Budget: 22 966,80 €

(Image source: Susanne Aldoais)

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The Intercultural Village

In summer 2019 we will organize - at the same time - several youth exchange and training projects which will enable young people of all nationalities to meet, live and work together on a common project throughout a cycle of several exchange phases. We would like to enhance the results (activities, photos, videos etc.) during a great intercultural evening performance and thus share the special moments of an intercultural encounter with many people.

Project partners:

Association Une Terre Culturelle (France)

Internationales Bildungszentrum dock europe e.V (Germany)

World Net (Italy)

Budget: 8 524,00 €

(Image source: Internationales Bildungszentrum dock europe e.V.)

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