On y va – auf geht's – let's go!

Conditions of participation

Terms and conditions for entry

Before your project can be entered in to the competition, the RBSG and dfi will assess your entry to determine whether it is complete and fulfills four formal criteria. Those are:

1) Proof of recognition as a not-for-profit organization for tax purposes
One of the partners must provide proof of recognition as a not-for-profit organization for tax purposes. This partner must submit the entry. All partners must play an active part in the project, although the workload may be allocated unequally. It is important that the project itself is of benefit to the community (we do not found projects with for-profit ambitions).

2) Involvement of three partners
The project must be carried out by a partner from Germany, another from France and a third from another EU member state. The inclusion of further partners, also from outside the EU, is possible.

3) Exchange
The underlying aim of the ideas competition is that groups in Europe work together and profit from one another. This international cooperation should benefit the project and those involved in it. For this reason, the focus is on exchange.

4) Please note the following
Closing date forthe final round was March, 13th 2019.
The programme will be closed with the end of the year 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact the ON Y VA team.


Further conditions of entry:
Attendance at a seminar

Special conditions apply for the final round of the project. We will inform projects coordinators about this separately.

Appropriation of funds
The funding must be used for activities relating to international cooperation (e.g. exchange visits, joint events and publicity). The highest possible award is € 5000. A budget and cost plan must be submitted with each application.
Costs already incurred cannot be considered (no funding for current or completed projects)


Special information for schools
The competition is open to schools, teachers and groups of students in Germany and France who intend to realize a voluntary project with partners from France / Germany and one other country. The project work should be completed mainly outside regular school hours and the project should consist of more than just an exchange plan.

Conditions of participation