On y va – auf geht's – let's go!

Taking part

Who can take part?

Basically all groups (e.g. associations, organizations, schools, community groups) actively involved in a project of benefit to the community can enter the ideas competition.The project must be carried out by a partner from Germany, another from France and a third from another EU member state. In particular, groups with little experience in international cooperation are encouraged to enter.

The topic of your project can be from a wide range of areas, for example culture, education, health, social issues, sport or the environment. For us, it is more important that the international aspect of the projects leads to new impulses in the practical work.

A knowledge of the partners' languages would be helpful, but it is not a requirement for participation. Our experience with previous programmes (2007 – 2014) has shown that there is always a way to communicate.

The information on the platform and communication with the moderators and other participants will be in three languages (German, French, English).


How can I benefit from entering
On y va – auf geht’s – let’s go!?

  • You can get publicity for your project.
  • You can exchange ideas with other project organizers and participants in a members area of the website.
  • You can vote which projects will receive funding in the next phase of the programme.
  • You can receive up to € 5000 funding for your international project.
  • You can get help on various aspects of project work, such as the application, drafting of a budget and cost plan, or intercultural communication.
  • We offer training sessions and webinars on relevant topics.
  • You will take part in one of our seminars with expert input.
  • You can become part of an international network of people involved in projects of benefit to the community.
  • We will accompany you during the course of the project and provide help when needed.

Some of the project teams of the last years:

Projektteam »Jugend und Schuldenkrise«
Projektteam »Der rollende Traum«
Projektteam »Système D – Einfälle statt Abfälle«
Projektteam »Grenzenlos«