On y va – auf geht's – let's go!


Why are we supporting charitable projects?

The aim of the competition is to support active citizenship in Europe and projects which benefit the community. The award is a recognition of this involvement, but at the same time we want to encourage the project initiators to develop and expand their activities with partners from other European countries. In our view, this broadening of horizons is just as important as the establishment of new contacts. Projects are often carried out in isolation, which is why we want to provide an opportunity for the initiators to profit from the experiences of both current and former projects, to make contact with former organizers and participants and become a part of the network themselves.


How can I benefit from entering On y va – auf geht’s – let’s go!?

  • You can get publicity for your project.
  • You can exchange ideas with other project organizers and participants in a member's area of the website.
  • You can vote which projects will receive funding in the next phase of the programme.
  • You can receive up to € 5000 funding for your international project.
  • You can get help on various aspects of project work, such as the application, drafting of a budget and cost plan, or intercultural communication.
  • We offer training sessions and webinars on relevant topics.
  • You will take part in one of our seminars with expert input.
  • You can become part of an international network of people involved in projects of benefit to the community.
  • We will accompany you during the course of the project and provide help when needed.
Förderung vielfältiger gemeinnütziger Projekte

Background information:

European societies are not just characterized by stable institutions, but also by active citizenship. Therefore the lifeblood of democratic systems is the engagement of its citizens. Whereas politics and business are already internationally closely entwined, particularly at a European level, there is still room for improvement where active citizenship is concerned. The aim of the On y va – auf geht's – let's go! competition is to support European citizens in their involvement in specifically international projects and at the same time create a network of active European citizens.
We are building on the broad experience and unique closeness of Franco-German cooperation and enhancing it by including at least one partner from another EU country.